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Lichens of Ontario

Thelichens of OntarioVol. 1 explores diversity in the macrolichens of Ontario. This field guide comprises over 400 species of lichens and includes background on the biology and ecology of macrolichens. The taxonomic treatments incorporate detailed keys, descriptions, and range maps for each species. The book is full of amazing macro and micro photographs of habit shots and key features for specific taxa. This is the first lichen book on the planet to include an illustrated glossary!


Weeds of Ontario

Weeds of Ontarioprovides a critical guide to weeds and invasive alien plants (IAS) in Ontario. The guide provides descriptions and easy-to-use pictorial keys for over 300 species of plants. This guide will serve as an important tool that will be aid in identification of weeds and invasive alien plants of Ontario for agronomists, weed inspectors, researchers, ecologists, environmental consultants, students and society-at-large with a need for weed ID. This field guide also contains background on weed biology and ecology including the important role weeds plays in ecosystem function. The book is full of amazing macro and micro photographs of key features for specific taxa.

Flora of Ontario

The Flora of Ontario Vol. 1 contains a list of5,456 speciesplantsincluding vascular plants, bryophytes and lichens that have naturalized in the province of Ontario. It includes native species as well as some ornamentals, weeds, invasive alien plants, arctic disjuncts and agricultural plants. Information about phytogeography, rarity, a vegetation alpha code system, and latest botanical nomenclature. The following information is provided for each species: family, genus and species names; scientific synonyms; up to 2 common names; a French name if available; OPL code; Srank and Grank; coding for rarity, alien (weed), native, life form and life cycle.

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